Say Hello to Amrita!

Amrita Kaur joins Yallow as QA Engineer.

Born in Norway, raised in India, and Master’s degree from England, Amrita has a diverse background and a global mindset so no surprise it was a good match with Yallow!

“Thrilled to be a part of such an exuberant bunch that not only are passionate about providing the best services to their clients but also have such incredible brand ideals”

– Amrita Kaur 

Amrita holds MSc in Molecular Biotechnology from the University of Birmingham, UK, and brings valuable work experience from the start-up BioCHOS where she worked with R&D of novel plant protection products as well as project management and patent documentation. She joins Yallow after her latest position at Tine AS where she worked with projects management, Quality Assurance, and implementation of QMS systems according to relevant ISO standards.

I am very pleased to announce that our team is growing. Amrita Kaur has joined as our new QA Engineer- working with Quality and Regulatory.  Her background in implementation of ISO standards and a strong academic background is a great leverage to the team. We know you’re going to be a valuable asset to our company and can’t wait to see what we accomplish together. Please join us in welcoming our new team member

Ira, Chief Compliance Officer, Yallow

Improving quality of life with Hepro AS

Yallow Life Science are pleased to announce continued collaboration with Norwegian welfare company Hepro AS and their technology department and also the department for children aids; Krabat. Hepro AS have more than 30 years of experience designing products to help people live more independently. Their goal is to improve your coping skills, safety and quality of life ​by providing mobility aids.

“We have been working with Hepro on a few projects already and the collaboration has been great. We are of course very proud to continue as a trusted partner within design and development for Hepro”

– Petter Arlehed, CEO Yallow Life Science 

Yallow assist Hepro with mechanical engineering and industrial design in different projects but with the same end goal – Empowerment and increased quality of life. 

“It’s very exciting to work closely with the development team at Krabat developing new products for children” -Thomas Kjesbu Hansen, senior product developer and industrial designer at Yallow. 

“Yallow have shown us solid competence and that they work creatively and quickly. Very easy to cooperate with.”

– Geir Tore Jakobsen, CEO – Hepro As

Next generation hypothermic rescue bag

Nowegian company ThermoSaver has developed a new concept based on a repeatedly expressed a need for a new and more effective hypothermic rescue bag. The bag has been developed by researchers from SINTEF, medical experts from Haukeland University Hospital and three industry partners, supported by the Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway.

“We are very happy working with ThermoSaver and we share their passion and entrepreneurial spirit developing a meaningful product that ultimately can save lives”

Petter, CEO Yallow Life Science.

The rescue bag is developed as based on scientific methods and laboratory testing and provide a user friendly and efficient product used in life threatening situations.

Thermosaver’s vision is to save lives by offering an all-in-one prehospital hypothermic rescue bag that follows the pasient from an incident to the hospital, with reusable components at an affordable price.

The ThermoSaver is a medical device Class I product and Yallow Life Science is proud to be chosen as a partner in commercializing and getting the rescue bag CE marked.

“Getting the ThermoSaver CE marked as medical device give us important market access and will differentiate the rescue bag compared to most competitors. The MDR process is challenging for a start up with limited resources so the support from Yallow is important in order get us through this process”

– Ketil Thorsen, CEO ThermoSaver.

Hello Ira!

Ira Sharma Sankhayan joins Yallow as Chief Compliance Officer after a position as Head Of Quality/ Regulatory at Otivio AS. Ira will be heading the QA/RA team at Yallow and be responsible of further development of our offerings in the field of quality, regulatory, technical documentation, and compliance. She will immediately get going both with customer projects, internal compliance and most importantly developing and growing an expertise team of QA/RA at Yallow.

Knowing the pain and the challenges within the industry encouraged me to pursue my career with Yallow to help other companies in realizing the product to market within the context of compliance

Ira holds a master in microelectronics from the university in Oslo and after 5 years at Norautron she joined GE Healthcare in Horten where she worked for 7 years gaining valuable experience within medical device and the QA/RA business. After her latest position for the last 3 years as Head of QA/RA at Otivio she is now ready to join Yallow as Chief Compliance Officer.

The recruitment and onboarding of Ira marks milestone in our history and I am pleased, humble, and very excited about welcoming Ira. She brings tons of experience, commitment and passion which of course means a lot for us and for our customers. Brick by brick we are building a high performing team of experts, a great place to work and a trusted partner for our customers

– Petter, CEO

Ira will also join the management team at Yallow where she will be a great contribution with her experience, knowledge and fearless yet humble attitude.

“Joining Yallow gives me the opportunity to share knowledge and experience that I have gathered within the medical device sector. Knowing the pain and the challenges within the industry encouraged me to pursue my career with Yallow to help other companies in realizing the product to market within the context of compliance.

My presence in Yallow will be to help and navigate our customers in ensuring effective and practical creation, implementation, and maintenance of the QMS, Technical documentation and regulatory affairs compliance activities. The goals for me are to help and grow with the customer with compliance, courses, and training of different ISO standards through competent Quality and regulatory team in Yallow.”

– Ira

Medical innovation with Cardiaccs

Cardiovascular related diseases are the leading cause of hospitalization and death worldwide, and there is an increase of patients with complex cases where open heart surgeries are required. Norwegian medtech company Cardiaccs wants to cover the urgent unmet need for better cardiac monitoring to reduce morbidity and mortality in this patient group.

The people at Yallow are highly skilled, responsive, and easy to work with”

Yallow Life Science are happy to be part of the brilliant research and development team at Cardiaccs by assist them in engineering, software and electronic development of new innovating research tools for the Cardiaccs system.

“Working with Cardiaccs is really an exciting experience. It is very fascinating what they have achieved and what their future looks like! We have a close collaboration with the team at Cardiaccs to make sure that all needs are met and that we are developing the correct product in a particular demanding market”

 – Maria Christoffersen, developer at Yallow.  

“The people at Yallow are highly skilled, responsive, and easy to work with! In a short time, they managed to get a very good understanding of our products and development needs, and we are therefore confident in the quality of their deliverables. With the help of Yallow, we will shorten our time to market considerably for this product line” 

 – Magnus Reinsfelt Krogh, CTO at Cardiaccs.

Collaboration for innovation

Yallow Life Science and Observe Medical ASA enters into an agreement for collaboration. Observe Medical is a listed medtech company currently most recognized for development and distribution of the Sippi automated digital urine system.

“We are excited to enter the enhanced collaboration with Yallow and Norway Health Tech. We will be able to access the competence of the Yallow team, and the strong innovation resources centered within Norway Health Tech”

– Björn Larsson, CEO Observe Medical.

“We are of course proud and honoured to enter into such an agreement and see great potential in the collaboration with Observe Medical, especially now when moving close to the Norway Health Tech office. We are looking forward to making a difference both for Observe Medical and for the life science sector in Norway”

– Petter Arlehed, CEO Yallow.

“We are excited to enter the enhanced collaboration with Yallow and Norway Health Tech. We will be able to access the competence of the Yallow team, and the strong innovation resources centered within Norway Health Tech. Both of them are situated at Oslo Life Science Park, close to The University of Oslo, the university hospitals and research institutes along with bustling start-up hubs like Aleap, Start-up Lab and The Life Science Cluster.”

– Björn Larsson, CEO Observe Medical.

Full press release:—strengthened-presence-in-norway-through-collaborations-with-yallow-life-scienc,c3279215

Improving quality of life

Already in 2020 Trondheim based Assitech AS and Yallow entered into an consultancy agreement for services covering product development and engineering of their product AssiStep. Yallow assists AssiTech on both software and product development. We are very happy that we now extended the agreement and will continue to work together also in 2021.

“With support and expertise from Yallow we have been able to speed up our development projects and they will be a great help towards production/commercialization of the projects”

– Ingrid, CTO and Co-founder AssiTech.

AssiTech AS has developed AssiStep which is a product targeting all people who because of different reasons have difficulties walking the stairs in their own homes. The product is a user friendly, safe and reliable helping aid for all ages spanning from 4 to +95 years old. Visit and read more about the product.

Eirik Dyrset, Head of Development at Yallow comments: “We are happy to be working with such a great impact on peoples lives. Being able to contribute to help people in their own homes feels meaningful. We are thrilled to support the project with expertise within software development, engineering, DFM and production.”

Re-locating to Oslo Science Park

As of 1st of February 2021 Yallow will be at Oslo Science Park. Oslo Science Park is the epicenter for innovation within Life Science and since we started Yallow it has been a strategic plan to re-locate to the Science Park. This will also physically position Yallow in the heart of the Norway’s first innovation district – Oslo Science City.

“This is really a natural place for Yallow to continue grow and develop together with our customers. We really look forward to be part of this bustling environment”

– says Petter / CEO at Yallow

Our new offices brings us close to The University of Oslo, the university hospitals and research institutes along with bustling start-up hubs like Aleap, Start-up Lab and the health networks Norway Health Tech and The Life Science Cluster.

“Being located at the science park really brings a lot of value. Being close to where the innovation and development in our field of expertise is of course great! It also enable us to widen our offering and capacity for our customers with great access to clinical test beds at ShareLab and prototype development at HardwareLab”

– says Head of Development Eirik Dyrset. 

The team is growing

What a great start of this year. Another superstar joins the team and strengthen the product development team and capacity at Yallow. A team player who bring tons of energy, experience, motivation and good vibes to the office. 

“Happy to be onboard and can’t wait to get started”

“Thomas does not only bring the right commitment and energy to the team but also valuable experience from the medical device industry”

– says Petter / CEO at Yallow

Thomas holds a MSc in Industrial Design from NTNU and joins Yallow after several years at Eker Design and recently Bartec Pixavi. Thomas will dig into exiting medical, health and sportstech projects at Yallow. But first things first, the Yallow onboarding week!

“I am very excited to join the Yallow team which has been outmost welcoming – making it a true pleasure to arrive at my first week. Happy to be onboard and can’t wait to get started”


Innovating for marginal gains with Zen Products Triathlon

We are happy to announce that we have a signed a partnership with Zen Products Triathlon. Zen Products Triathlon is a professional triathlon team from Norway. Currently the team consists the two pro-triathletes Kristian Grue and Jørgen Gundersen. The team have ambitious goals for 2021 and we are happy assist them achieving their goals.

“As a pro triathlete I always search for improvements in all levels”

“As a pro triathlete I always search for improvements in all levels. I put down the work in training every day, but find it really important and fun, to work on the small details in aerodynamic and other aspects, that will make me go faster on raceday. Therefore it’s really cool to work with such professional and innovative people as Eirik and Petter at Yallow, to improve the comfort and aerodynamic in my bikeposition”

– Kristian Grue

The partnership between Yallow and Zen Products Triathlon covers engineering and product development on components to their bikes, making them lighter, faster and more aeroadynamic. First off we are going to design and produce custom arm cups to help them sit more comfortably and aerodynamically while in aero position.