We are an inquisitive, committed and dedicated team who, with our big heart, passion and professionalism, want to create innovative new products and services together with our clients. Our vision is – Innovate better life!

Yallow is a niche design agency that focuses solely on product development and design in the fields of life science and health technology. We are passionate about designing and developing products that make a difference to people, lives and every day. It’s great to go to work when you know you are making a difference.

Developing trailblazing products and services requires us to challenge. Not just ourselves and how we think, but our clients too. Every day, we challenge ourselves, our clients and everyone who accompanies us on our odyssey to develop the products and services of the future to create a better life.

Innovate better life

We believe in honesty, openness, equality and inclusion. If we are to develop the products of the future for a connected world, this must be reflected in who we are and our culture.

At Yallow, we want to be seen as extremely upbeat and positive people. We have bundles of energy, and always give our all and put our clients first. We are highly creative and always extremely professional. It’s all about energy and delivering the goods. We strive to be known as quick, flexible, responsive and always well prepared. Committed. Creative. Control.

At Yallow, we support and bring out the best in each other. We like to inspire each other and share the things we think work well and keep us moving forward, but we are also honest about the things we could do better. One of our stated aims is to continuously develop and improve in everything we do.

We don’t believe in hierarchies and rigid structures. Our team have the freedom and responsibility to influence and control the daily agenda and development at Yallow. Our strength and our greatest asset are naturally our people. At Yallow, all our people are unique and have distinctive perspectives. This gives us the best starting point for building a strong culture and succeeding in our mission.

Let’s innovate better life