Kid rides mobility aids bike

Improving quality of life with Hepro AS

Yallow Life Science are pleased to announce continued collaboration with Norwegian welfare company Hepro AS and their technology department and also the department for children aids; Krabat. Hepro AS have more than 30 years of experience designing products to help people live more independently. Their goal is to improve your coping skills, safety and quality of life ​by providing mobility aids.

“We have been working with Hepro on a few projects already and the collaboration has been great. We are of course very proud to continue as a trusted partner within design and development for Hepro”

– Petter Arlehed, CEO Yallow Life Science 

Yallow assist Hepro with mechanical engineering and industrial design in different projects but with the same end goal – Empowerment and increased quality of life. 

“It’s very exciting to work closely with the development team at Krabat developing new products for children” -Thomas Kjesbu Hansen, senior product developer and industrial designer at Yallow. 

“Yallow have shown us solid competence and that they work creatively and quickly. Very easy to cooperate with.”

– Geir Tore Jakobsen, CEO – Hepro As