Yallow’s journey, or odyssey as we like to call it, started in 2020. Yallow is a team of experienced designers, engineers, quality and regulatory experts.

We are consultants with multiple award-winning designs and products under our belts. We are part of swedish Vinngroup and believe in being “best in class” in our specialist fields and in cultivating strong partnerships. So naturally we work closely with our sister companies in Vinngroup. Yallow’s offices are in the heart of Oslo.

The name Yallow was inspired by Rosalyn Yalow, a US medical physicist who won the 1977 Nobel Prize for “Physiology or Medicine” for discovering how the human body produces hormones. She was the second woman to win the prize in this category after the equally inspiring Gerty Cori.

New truths become evident when new tools become available

– Rosalyn Yalow

We love Rosalyn Yalow. Not just because she was a power woman with a cool name and exceptional at what she did, but because she also explored new paths and was in many ways a pioneer. Rosalyn was a ground-breaker!

Are you a researcher? A ground-breaker? At the top of your game and want to help create the innovative new solutions and products and services of the future? And naturally share our quite simple but meaningful “why” – For better lives!

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