Innovating for marginal gains with Zen Products Triathlon

We are happy to announce that we have a signed a partnership with Zen Products Triathlon. Zen Products Triathlon is a professional triathlon team from Norway. Currently the team consists the two pro-triathletes Kristian Grue and Jørgen Gundersen. The team have ambitious goals for 2021 and we are happy assist them achieving their goals.

The partnership between Yallow and Zen Products Triathlon covers engineering and product development on components to their bikes, making them lighter, faster and more aeroadynamic. First off we are going to design and produce custom arm cups to help them sit more comfortably and aerodynamically while in aero position.

As a pro triathlete I always search for improvements in all levels. I put down the work in training every day, but find it really important and fun, to work on the small details in aerodynamic and other aspects, that will make me go faster on raceday. Therefore it’s really cool to work with such professional and innovative people as Eirik and Petter at Yallow, to improve the comfort and aerodynamic in my bikeposition.